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The Talent Around Us: Robyn

The best thing I love about people is that some of them have a wonderful gift for making you feel very special. Not just in saying nice words, which can touch your soul and wipe your tears away, but making beautiful things for you, which can always be kept as the fondest memories.

I consider myself lucky for knowing Robyn. She is an amazing person, one who is able to bring happiness into any house for everyone who’s celebrating anything special. Life is not just about our wins, failures or our goals, it is also about our milestones, special moments, big and small, all our anniversaries and birthdays. Everyone seeks to and indeed have their own unique way of celebrating. I do love parties, like most of us. Robyn knows all about the most important thing for every party – a cake. She is a Grand-Master of making you that special one.

Robyn has her own shop at Googong, where she can create and decorate a perfect dessert for any occasion. When I looked at these breathtaking pictures, at first, I thought that they are not real. So much delicate work in a splash of bright, juicy colours must take forever to make.

Even the smallest detail of any of these delicious masterpieces look like completed works of art made with love and care by a highly talented person, one who blends elegance with a great taste. It’s amazing what you can make by baking a few simple ingredients together. The first time I had a chance to try one of her beautiful cakes it turned out to be a spectacular sweet treat, not just perfect to look at but also a deliciously unforgettable taste.

When people celebrate their love at the wedding – every detail is important. I personally think that making a wedding cake is a job not that everyone can handle. It must be not just original with the right look and be delicious to the taste, but something more. As the gifted architect, Robyn creates a world of unique style decorated with chocolate or a biscuit, filled with a flavour, cream or fruits. Robyn is an artist. She is full of inspiration for putting some interesting things and great ideas together and I admire her vision in this. We all are very individual, so she inevitably finds a way to show a reflection of the brightest, the funniest or the most beautiful sides of people. She can create a story about you and for you only.

Even if you are – a little child.

Every kid has his or her favourite character from a story or a cartoon. Robyn is always able to bring the right one to the party, to make it truly special. I think I already know which store my son is going to be spoiled by at his next birthday party!

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