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The Talent Around Us: Yulia

Yulia, a bubbly and beautiful woman was co-administrator of one of the groups on Facebook I used to look after. Just from our first conversation online I realised that I was dealing with a very bright and extraordinary person, full of love and happiness. Always positive and very energised, Yulia has that unique sparkle which travels around and makes people feel better.

As an incredibly talented lady, Yulia manages to capture the best and the most beautiful things from the world around us and transform them into delicate and artistic accessories. Depending on what she is working on, it may be the finished product of a long-term project, just a spontaneous thought, or a vision of the grandeur of nature.

Yulia’s hobby, however, wasn’t a spontaneous thing. She expressed her interest in creating accessories with polymer clay and stones years ago in Russia before she moved to Australia. She has also completed a course that polished the skills with which she was gifted with naturally. The course helped to expand her business, first in Queensland and overseas afterwards. When I looked at some of her works for the first time I suddenly felt a hint of her mood and the mindset she might have had when she was working on them. I felt that she was keen to bring an authentic aura of Russian culture to jewellery and revisit the style, which was so popular centuries ago. She blended it an elegant way and created contemporary accessories, which can suit different types of women in a most elegant way.

Yulia knows a lot about an individual beauty. Quite often she puts a suggestion to her customers to create a special design of jewellery together. She has plenty of ideas and always open to new ones. Everyone likes to feel special, so Yulia can help to underline what needs to be demonstrated.

The ring from this beautiful floral set has a refined and delicate style that will adorn your hand and definitely bring a lot of welcome attention.

The beautiful necklace shown here can visually extend the neckline and actually make you look taller.

The earrings, which will surround your face in a perfect way, will also make your eyes look even brighter…

These tiny flowers look so substantial, so fragile yet you can be sure that they will never fade…

Another special thing about Yulia is that she is not only focussed on earrings, bracelets or beautiful necklaces. She also makes other kinds of lovely accessories that could be a beautiful gift for that special, memorable, occasion.

I am looking forward to coming up with an inspiring idea for a special project to put to Yulia in the future. I am sure she will produce something brilliant!

You can see more works from Yulia here:

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