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Reputation: Taylor Swift had saved pop music in 2017

After months and months of silence, Taylor Swift, a famous American songstress, had dropped her newest album “Reputation” and reached a new pitch record in selling the most significant amount of digital and physical copies in the US just for the first day.

Credit: screenshot/twitter

“Reputation” came out on 10th November and already managed to win hearts of crowds. The blend of fifteen soundtracks of some unusual sounds and lyrics as sharp as cuts from a knife has dropped a surprise.

Taylor Swift fandom had grown, so does she. “Reputation” is a hundred percent absolute proof that she can change her music roots and successfully explore new sides of her talent. In comparison with all music Taylor Swift has written in the past, her latest album is the hardest yet the most beautiful, she had ever done. In fact, the very first moment of getting familiar with “Reputation” raises a question, are this Taylor Swift, a former country-singer, and a current pop-princess? The reference in her music video for the single “Look what you made me do” that “the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now because she is dead…” is entirely accurate describes the massive change in whole musical approach that could be found furthermore in other songs. This Taylor is someone new, and, therefore, fascinating subject to explore.

Even though the whole atmosphere of “Reputation” is dark, sexy and shady, all fifteen tracks are quite different from each other like different color-painted pieces of one puzzle. The electronic bits are nicely mixed with instrumental vibes, the indicated presence of R-n-b and even some attempts to rap makes the “Reputation” album a unique and organic collection of songs. However, along with strong and sometimes insanely dramatic sounds, Taylor had inserted a presence of gentle acoustic guitar, which softens the whole plot of the album very well. She seems to found a new depth of expressing and mirroring her visions of situations and things that had happened to her. Thus, in the track “This is why we can’t have nice things” Taylor had recorded her own sarcastic yet very funny burst of a laugh, that brings a bit of witty sense of humour to the whole song. However, it would be unfair to summarise the depth of all songs as just a pile of sadness or aggression. In comparison with the past songs’ scenario, Taylor sounds like a woman who had finally found her love.     

The beauty of Taylor Swift talent is that in writing her personal love story in songs, she uses a very natural composition that makes it easy to compare things she tells with your own life. Everything that Taylor Swift describes in her new songs could be not just her story, but story of any human being. Maybe that’s why fandom loves her and even excepts Taylor Swift’s total upgrade to a new level. For long-time fans who are familiar with all dramatic collisions of Swift’s life, this album is an excellent remedy for finding multiple clues of what Taylor had been up to during her break from the spotlight. They are cleverly hidden in metaphors, for which Taylor Swift absolutely deserves the highest grade. Several most prominent music critics had given to the “Reputation” pretty high scores and feedback, that describes how grandiose is Taylor’s song-writing talent. It might be possible that Taylor had created new hits that will be not just a highlight of the whole century, but the new signature music of the entire pop segment of the music industry.


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